Pagemark has been in the business of creating new products for over 10 years. With Pelta™ just Patent approved, it provides a differentiated solution used stand-alone or when combined with any other product in our portfolio of security solutions.



UV IR though a legacy security printing method, variations and new advances in the technology have kept this solution in use today. Traditionally an effective method favored by government entities for bank notes or passports, it has expanded to many private sector uses.

Why Pagemark?

  1. UV inks provide a value in their ability to be used in a wide variety of materials beyond secure paper and standard media types
  2. Invisible inks are another weapon in the arsenal of security printing techniques effective against counterfeiting, copying and forgery. During the security printing process, text, images or specific designs are printed on secure paperusing special inks. The images will only be visible on the original paperso a copy, when viewed under special lighting or exposed to certain chemicals, will not display the hidden images
  3. With forgery and other type of fraud prevalent around governent secured documents, UV IR technology is continually being updated to keep ahead of the counterfeiters
  4. Many security standards include UV IR technology to provide copy protection, alteration, and cannibilization


  1. Using watermarks and hidden logos are an easy way to validate whether a document, currency, other valuable item is genuine by the use of a special wavelength IR lamp
  2. Pagemark offers invisible inks - they provide a good base against copy protection. These inks are not copy-able and thus if duplicated, will not be shown in the copies
  3. Many security printing techniques exist around the use of UVIR and is one that is constantly developing and providing new challenges for companies providing security printing services on secure paper
  4. Pagemark and our partners have released new formulated UV inks, only viewable with a different UV wavelength

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