Pagemark provides many horizontal solutions related to authentication and track and trace. We also provide many vertical solutions developed to answer specific needs of Brand Owners and governments related to battling fraud, counterfeiting, and divergence while increasing Return On Investment(ROI).




Secure printing has become increasingly complex technology due to the efforts of counterfeiters, product diversion and the associated fraud in the marketplace.

Why Pagemark?

  1. US legislature mandated Track and Trace solutions include the ability to track a products history from manufacturing through distribution and finally to the end user. Small to large firms are required to meet US Federal pedigree guidelines by 2015, finalizing activities by Jan 2016
  2. Digital track and trace solutions with seamless portability of data are a requirement as the state mandates are not identical and the FDA has not presented their final guidelines
  3. Anti-counterfeiting regulations will require Brand Owners and their suppliers to support tracking pedigrees, or custodial data logs, which trace each drug’s chain of ownership from the pharmacy back to the Brand Owner
  4. Pedigree conformance to GS1 standards including SGTINs, SSCCs, GIAIs and GRAIs is required


  1. Pelta™ provides pharmaceutical manufacturers tracking thru the entire supply chain, detailing where and who is validating the shipments
  2. Provides creation of alert conditions and notifications to help keep track of product diversion or counterfeiting globally
  3. Provides onsite consumer authentication of the medication prior to purchase in order to validate the genuine manufacturers brand
  4. Can provide promotional value with the QR code in running cross marketing promotions for new or upcoming product launch
  5. Simple introduction of track and trace to meet requirements with flexible API's and Plug-ins to legacy SW and ERP systems
  6. Pelta™ provides conformance to GS1 standards and can provide the added flexibility for additional global requirements

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