Pagemark Technologies provides over 24 types of security solutions for both public and private industries. With counterfeiting on the rise, combine our Pelta™ code solutions with serialized holography or one of our many offerings to help put counterfeiters out of business.





With counterfeiting reaching over 50% in some countries, Brand Owners need to continually upgrade their technology to keep a step ahead of the fraudsters.

Why Pagemark?

  1. With California compliance for Serialization/Track and Trace becoming a requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other Life Science manufacturers starting in 2015, manufacturers must comply with the new guidelines in order to continue shipping products
  2. The counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products is growing internationally and tops 50% in some countries. Patient safety is at risk anytime a counterfeit drug is shipped and utilized
  3. The increasing cost of Healthcare and medications is driving companies to look toward technology in order to change the way track and trace solutions are being deployed and managed. With both patient safety and shareholder growth a concern, new solutions are required
  4. Consumers continue to be concerned over the rising cost of their healthcare. They are placing a significant emphasis on ensuring they are getting the right medication at the right time and not purchasing or ingesting a counterfeit product. These concerns will continue to drive the need for solutions that provide the security and comfort of knowing that they are getting the right product for their healthcare dollar
  5. Product diversion and black-marketing continue to create huge losses for the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. These losses significantly impact their brand strength, total revenue, shareholder value and EBITA. Should the product integrity be violated, it can place the manufacturer at risk and become a liability and public safety issue

Pelta™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Healthcare Suppliers

  1. From Fortune 100 pharmaceutical manufactures to small healthcare suppliers, the US federal and state governments are specifying track and trace requirements. Pelta™ can easily fit into any production supply chain by leveraging Data Matrix GS1 requirements
  2. Pedigree requires up to 12 fields to be tracked, which can be stored in covert or overt fields in 2D Data Matrix or QR barcode enabled by Pelta™. Manufacturers can determine which information should be stored covertly with 128-bit encryption
  3. Pelta™ codes use existing 2D Data Matrix GS1 or QR barcode (ISO/IEC 18004) specifications, so manufacturers or packaging specialists can easily migrate to Pelta™ codes with little to no change in their physical coding/printing systems
  4. Pelta™ can utilize the 1B smart phones globally to provide consumers an easy way to validate if a HC product is genuine and safe