Pagemark provides many horizontal solutions related to authentication and track and trace. We also provide many vertical solutions developed to answer specific needs of Brand Owners and governments related to battling fraud, counterfeiting, and divergence while increasing Return On Investment(ROI).



The seven industries that were covered in the study included counterfeit life science products, auto parts, counterfeit food, tobacco, software and alcohol, and fake electronics.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Counterfeiting major brand products continues to grow, with high value products in life sciences, electronics, and sofware being targeted
  2. The smuggling and sales of counterfeit goods in 7 major industries in India leads to a tax loss of $4.5 Billion USD (261 Billion Indian Rupees) to the government, according to a study by FICCI Cascade (Committee Against Smuggling and Counterfeiting Activities Destroying the Economy)
  3. According to the Imaging Supplies Coalition, manufactures and businesses involved in copiers and other imaging materials lose over $3 Billion USD a year around the world to counterfeit equipment
  4. An estimated $1.5 Billion USD (6 Billion Saudi Riyal) in counterfeit electronics are sold in Saudi Arabia each year, according to the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry


  1. Pagemark can provide a comprehensive brand protection strategy to manage products thru their life cycle utilizing over 20 security solutions
  2. Supplement existing Quick Response or Data Matrix 2D barcodes with Pelta codes to provide authentication utilizing the covert 2nd layer
  3. Include Pelta codes into any production workflow without the need for additional printing or validation equipment
  4. Using Pelta technology and Pagemark Track and Trace, track products all the way thru the supply chain to the end customer

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