Pagemark has been in the business of creating new products for over 10 years. With Pelta™ just Patent approved, it provides a differentiated solution used stand-alone or when combined with any other product in our portfolio of security solutions.



Holography is a core anti-copy technology which has been in existence for over 20 years. New variations of this have become available more recently, such as demetallized, color stamping and serialized holographs. Demetallized technology is based on the selective removal of metal particles from a metallized film to provide additional level of security and anti-counterfeiting for high value documents and products.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Holography of a logo has become a required component in many consumer goods and are the de-facto standard of many brands especially in the software industry
  2. Holographs are attractive in appearance while providing anti-counterfeiting value to any packaged products
  3. Government and educational institutions can also can benefit from the use of holograms to address fraudulent copying of high value documents like; vehicle registration, birth certificates, graduation certificates
  4. Governments have adopted holographs into secure documents in their efforts to decrease fraud and counterfeiting, other private sector uses have become popularized in recent years

Pagemark Demetallized and Other Holograms Benefits:

  1. Pagemark offers a wide portfolio of holographic solutions for any markets, specific industries include: tobacco, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products
  2. Holograms combined with other security materials like Pelta™ codes, it can provide the utmost security against piracy and counterfeiters
  3. Pagemark and our partners have introduced serialized holographic solutions for any market requiring more secure trackable solutions
  4. Recent developments allow a dramatic increase in the achievable resolution of the demetallized patterns, generating security features that extend well beyond the naked human eye into microscopic resolutions

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