Pagemark has been in the business of creating new products for over 10 years. With Pelta™ just Patent approved, it provides a differentiated solution used stand-alone or when combined with any other product in our portfolio of security solutions.

Pelta™ CODE

Smart phones + Pelta QR Code =
The new global standard for digital authentication by providing a covert code layer

Pelta is a patented digital solution based on the standard 2D barcode, but the incremental benefit is creation of a covert secondary layer of data which is encrypted via a custom key. The overt layer in the Pelta code is read identically to many standard 2D barcodes, so a Pelta code can replace a Data Matrix, QR, Aztec, MaxiCode and many other 2D barcodes, but provide a secondary layer. It typically contains logistical or marketing information, and is not encrypted. The covert layer can only be decrypted by the Pagemark's mobile or PC software using a custom key, thus can be used as a basis of an authentication or track and trace solution. The licencee of Pelta can use the custom software for internal use, or provide their end consumers to use on their smart phones.

Examples of covert data are:

  • Variable check words
  • External linkage information (known by Officials only)
  • Lot or location information
  • Facility tracking codes

Pelta is used as a basis of many Pagemark's solutions:

  • Pagemark's Track and Trace Solution
  • iVerifyIT - Authentication Solution
  • Promotional Prize Verfication Solution

Why Pagemark?

  1. Pharmaceutical counterfeiting continues to increase, with some African and Asian countries now surpassing 40%. Counterfeit drugs, besides not providing the correct active ingredient or dosage as prescribed, these drugs in many cases lead increased suffering and prolonged sickness
  2. Counterfeit products can cause warranty voidance and degraded performance for many products that require post purchase parts or consumables. Anti-counterfeit solutions can provide peace of mind and increase brand protection
  3. Consumers continue to seek new methods to validate they are purchasing genuine products, many new authentication methods are difficult to use and add considerable cost to bring products to market
  4. Social media and mobile advertising have the highest growth especially among gen-X and Y. Implementing a channel marketing strategy that leverage those mediums which provides a high return on investment


  1. Authenticate Pelta codes by utilizing existing smart phone, special hardware is not required
  2. QR codes are quickly becoming the “standard” in the public’s eye for branding and other digital messaging, add in Pelta™ 's 2nd Layer to existing production workflow and provide authentication services easily and inexpensively
  3. End-users can authenticate the origin of products. Brand Owners and Suppliers can track product movement thru the channels
  4. Leverage social media or other publicly available websites for marketing via Pelta codes
  5. Track product diversion thru the supply chain by detecting black marketers and other counterfeiting efforts real time via Pelta’s global tracking technology
  6. Eliminate product fraud and false warranty charges by implementing Pelta™, products with a covert Serial Number can be used to validate the manufacturing date and other service information

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