Pagemark provides many horizontal solutions related to authentication and track and trace. We also provide many vertical solutions developed to answer specific needs of Brand Owners and governments related to battling fraud, counterfeiting, and divergence while increasing Return On Investment(ROI).

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Pelta™ Cross-Channel Marketing Solution

Quote: We define cross channel sales & marketing as not only reaching customers through	
						multiple channels of distribution (direct and indirect), but taking advantage of one channel to drive branding and sales in another, e.g. using online sales to drive customers to a retail	store, in-store activity to drive direct response sales, or direct sales to drive reseller sales. Brands are equally impacted by how the customer is touched at each point. -Richard S. Gua,  Partner, Max Brand Equity, Inc.


Secure printing has become increasingly complex technology due to the efforts of counterfeiters, product diversion, and the associated fraud in the marketplace.


  1. Pagemark Track and Trace Server Software
  2. Mobile SW (for iOS or Android)
  3. Use of existing printing technology and integration

Why Pagemark?

  1. Cross marketing using mobile internet with social media can provide a cohesive message for increasing brand strength and short term promotions
  2. With fraud touching all types of marketing from simple couponing to multi-million dollar golf events, new improvements in technology are constantly required
  3. Many Brand Owners have incorporated QR codes into packaging and other promotional items, thus customers wishing additional information on a product or service are used to scanning the codes
  4. Pelta™ provides higher ROI on cross marketing promotions, providing Brand Owners more secure methods to authenticate prize awards. Pelta™ can be used as a delivery mechanism for video ads, text message or audio wave files


  1. QR codes provide high visibility
  2. Widely recognized and accepted by consumers
  3. Pelta™ codes provide customers with the security of knowing their buying a genuine product (not counterfeit)
Brand Owner:
  1. Pelta™ provides dual functionality:
    1. Cross-channel marketing
    2. Anti-counterfeiting
  2. Ease of integration into existing variable data workflows
  3. No additional hardware/readers needed to purchase for authentication
  4. Can be authenticated by everyone at any time throughout the supply chain

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