Pagemark has been in the business of creating new products for over 10 years. With Pelta™ just Patent approved, it provides a differentiated solution used stand-alone or when combined with any other product in our portfolio of security solutions.


Advancements in digital printing and technologies for incorporating security features, while spawning new modalities and efficiencies for security printing, have also enabled counterfeiters as well as legitimate issuers.-Per IMI Jan 2013


Pagemark and our partners have been in the business of creating secure ID cards for over 10 years for a number of public and private organizations globally. With the additional use of Pelta™ codes, the covert data can be used to validate the authenticity of the ID, by referencing the printed driver’s license number, or other unique branding element.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Organized crime in many countries since 2007 have increased efforts related to identity theft and forgery of government documents to gain illegal access to personal lines of credit and HELOC's
  2. Drivers Licenses and other government issued documents have increased pressure to continually update the technology and security around their creation
  3. From brand protection and secure access to ID's, tickets, travel documents, etc. - physical and digitally printed security images, features and data are converging faster annually
  4. Driver licenses standards call for over 20 types of Level I and Level II security built into their production to deter counterfeiting, alterations, or cannibalization


  1. Pagemark ID production conforms to American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators (AAMVA) standards
  2. Pagemark has developed a thorough understanding of industry best practices, standards and regulations revolving around ID creation
  3. Pelta™ can fit easily into any workflow in creation / printing of ID's, passports and other government documents
  4. Pagemark has worked with many government agencies and can help integrate Pelta™ and other secure printing technologies into their processes and secure systems
  5. Pagemark multi-layered synthetic ID's now last longer than 5 years, increasing ROI in their creation and overhead management
  6. Pagemark can provide a variety of OVD's for state or Federal government requirements. (diffractive optically variable image device)

Driver Licenses and other Identification Cards

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