Pagemark provides many horizontal solutions related to authentication and track and trace. We also provide many vertical solutions developed to answer specific needs of Brand Owners and governments related to battling fraud, counterfeiting, and divergence while increasing Return On Investment(ROI).

DMV Solutions

DMV solutions


Pagemark and our partners have been working with many Federal and State government to assist in implementation of a turnkey Motor Vehicles solution. The DMV solution has been utilized since 2010 and the functionality has been successfully replicated into many countries throughout the world.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Governments worldwide are seeking more secure methods of controlling the physical import of vehicles into their countries
  2. Both state and federal governments are concerned about fraud and non-payment of taxes related to vehicles in their respective territories
  3. Vehicle smog control, traffic control and gridlock, parking, ticketing are an on-going concern for most city officials, regardless of the level of industrialization
  4. Integrated systems with mobile front end applications for field personnel add value and real-time data access for immediate collection of monies due


  1. Total solution incorporating mobile software, security printing of adhesive, DMV paperwork, integration and maintenance provided
  2. Customized to government requirements related to sticker, and any documents with security printing including UV inks, holograms, Pelta™ Code codes, etc.
  3. Pagemark has worked with suppliers working with many countries around the world including governments in So. America, Mexico and others
  4. System integration expertise on a variety of custom or off the shelf dB and enterprise ERP/CRM, business system providers

Solution components:

  • Pelta™ server software with encryption key and Pelta™ code creation
  • Creation of a small 3rd license plate which affixes to the rear window of the vehicle (see image)
  • Mobile Application Software (Android or iOS)
  • Federal, State or Private dB with connectivity
  • Integration to mobile server
  • Maintenance and support

Moble applications supports:

  • Online queries about stolen vehicles
  • Online queries about traffic offenses
  • Online queries about money due for vehicle rights
  • Online queries of vehicle verification
  • Validation of authenticity of official payment receipts
  • Systems to bring up traffic violations with printed ticket, using special code to make payments in banks or online using a bank card
  • Printing of receipts of payment

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