Pagemark has been in the business of creating new products for over 10 years. With Pelta™ just Patent approved, it provides a differentiated solution used stand-alone or when combined with any other product in our portfolio of security solutions.



Ticketing solutions for airlines, entertainment, couponing, or other vertical businesses are being targeted by fraudsters and counterfeiters at the expense of consumers seeking what appears to be a honest transaction.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Digital Airline ticketing solutions typically use a 2D Data Matrix or other 2D barcodes – whether displayed on a cell phone or printed on a boarding pass, they can be fraudulently copied or pirated
  2. Finding ways to lower the bottom line continue to be challenging for all business in this economic environment. New solutions must be easy to implement and utilize while providing a good ROI
  3. Increased security in the US and internationally require the ability to print and authenticate boarding passes quickly for both airline customers and airport security
  4. Fraudsters, Terrorists and others law-breakers are increasing their use of technology, thus the need to stay ahead of them by increasing the use of new groundbreaking solutions


  1. Pelta™ with its’ patented covert layer, the encryption method is virtually unbreakable; 100% secure and ideal for ticketing solutions. For more information on the authentication method refer to Pelta™ under Products
  2. Combine Pelta™ with a serialized watermark for a copy protected anti-fraud ticketing solution for any airlines and security providers
  3. Utilize track and trace for geo-tracking and time stamping of fraudulent boarding passes. Once used, the ticket can be tracked internationally for close to real time reporting of suspicious activities
  4. High return on investment Pelta™ codes do not require expensive readers or other proprietary scanners, just use a standard smart phone with iVerifyIT™, Pagement’s mobile SW for great results

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