Pagemark Technologies provides over 24 types of security solutions for both public and private industries. With counterfeiting on the rise, combine our Pelta™ code solutions with serialized holography or one of our many offerings to help put counterfeiters out of business.





With counterfeiting reaching over 50% in some countries, Brand Owners need to continually upgrade their technology to keep a step ahead of the fraudsters.

Why Pagemark?

  1. With California compliance for Serialization/Track and Trace becoming a requirement for pharmaceutical manufacturers and other Life Science manufacturers starting in 2015, manufacturers must comply with the new guidelines in order to continue shipping products
  2. The counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products is growing internationally and tops 50% in some countries. Patient safety is at risk anytime a counterfeit drug is shipped and utilized
  3. The increasing cost of Healthcare and medications is driving companies to look toward technology in order to change the way track and trace solutions are being deployed and managed. With both patient safety and shareholder growth a concern, new solutions are required
  4. Consumers continue to be concerned over the rising cost of their healthcare. They are placing a significant emphasis on ensuring they are getting the right medication at the right time and not purchasing or ingesting a counterfeit product. These concerns will continue to drive the need for solutions that provide the security and comfort of knowing that they are getting the right product for their healthcare dollar
  5. Product diversion and black-marketing continue to create huge losses for the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical manufacturers. These losses significantly impact their brand strength, total revenue, shareholder value and EBITA. Should the product integrity be violated, it can place the manufacturer at risk and become a liability and public safety issue

Pelta™ for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Healthcare Suppliers

  1. From Fortune 100 pharmaceutical manufactures to small healthcare suppliers, the US federal and state governments are specifying track and trace requirements. Pelta™ can easily fit into any production supply chain by leveraging Datamatrix GS1 requirements
  2. Pedigree requires up to 12 fields to be tracked, which can be stored in covert or overt fields in 2D Datamatrix or QR barcode enabled by Pelta™. Manufacturers can determine which information should be stored covertly with 128-bit encryption
  3. Pelta™ codes use existing 2D Datamatrix GS1 or QR barcode (ISO/IEC 18004) specifications, so manufacturers or packaging specialists can easily migrate to Pelta™ codes with little to no change in their physical coding/printing systems
  4. Pelta™ can utilize the 1B smart phones globally to provide consumers an easy way to validate if a HC product is genuine and safe



Globally governments are facing huge economic issues in generating revenue and increasing national debt. This is a common thread regardless of the continent or level of industrialization

  1. Consumer fraud and ID theft is growing annually. The negative by-products are destroyed credit, increasing levels of legal and administrative fees for individuals and corporations, and costly bank write-offs
  2. Vehicle pollution and their by-products are increasing levels of poor air quality, thus lowering the overall quality of life. Governments are continually seeking new ways to control vehicles and others industries that are adding to the overall pollution level
  3. Governments are seeking creative more effective means to control tax related imports and exports beyond legacy tax stamps, this is especially true for liquor and tobacco. New serialized technologies are being incorporated globally to combat diversion, black-marketing, and counterfeiting
  4. Black-market products and diversion are increasing worldwide, many countries have more black-market products sold then legitimately imported and controlled products

Pagemark for Government

  1. Pagemark and our partners provide a broad portfolio of solutions to protect citizens and their identification, control resources, secure important documents, and generate revenue for government institutions
  2. Printed security solutions include Pelta™ codes, holograms, UV/IR and an array of specialty printings solutions. See our Custom Solutions page for more details
  3. Pagemark provides RFID solutions for many countries requiring toll and parking solutions. See our RFID page for more details
  4. Pelta™ can be customized to be utilized in a variety of solutions such as facial recognition ID cards, DMV licenses and plates, tax stamps, and many other value-add security solutions
  5. Excise tax solutions from Pagemark can provide governments a method to track all products stamped via geo-location technology. In this manner, the Pelta™ server can alert government agents of possible product diversion whenever a product is scanned

PACKAGED GOODS/Brand Protection


Manufactured products loss to counterfeiting worldwide is $200 Billion USD in 2010 and growing.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Counterfeiting and black-marketing of foods, tobacco and other packaged goods are growing annually and can reach over 50% in some emerging markets
  2. Global markets are becoming increasingly important for F1000 manufacturers and brands need improved authentication methods to maintain brand control
  3. Counterfeiting, diversion, and black-marketing are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and technologically capable, per some documented cases, they were able to replicate traditional security printing methods overnight
  4. Consumers who are seeking genuine products want an easy-to-use and secure method to validate the products they purchased are authentic

Pagemark for Packaged Goods/Brand Protection

  1. Pagemark offers one of the strongest anti-counterfeiting portfolios available in the packaged goods market. Pelta™ codes and serialized holograms; when combined on a label or stamp, provide both the highest level of anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting protection available. See our Custom Solutions page
  2. Pelta™ covert data can be used as a basis to implement serialization and/or track and trace. The covert data-layer can be embedded into any standard 2D QR or DataMatrix ECC 200 barcode providing Brand Owners with an affordable and powerful solution to meet government pedigree or other global regulations
  3. Anti-copy protection is another solution portfolio Pagemark provides utilizing patented holograms, UV inks, watermarks and a variety of other secure printing products and solutions.
  4. Brand Owners that utilize Pagemark Track and Trace can implement geo-tracking of products, thus if a unique product is found in numerous locations in a short span of time, an alert is generated
  5. Brand Owners can provide their customers with the peace of mind by utilizing iVerifyIT™ (PCA). Our mobile application iVerifyIT™ can be used to validate if a product is genuine or fake.



Since Airlines de-regulation in the 1978, the airline businesses are constantly seeking new methods to save cost and increase productivity while meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations. Related to ticketing, solutions range from legacy kiosk or agent paper based ticketing solution, to a customer centric solution, where consumers are accessing their ticket information on-line and then printing or using cell phones to be authenticated real time.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Digital Airline ticketing solutions typically use a Datamatrix code or other 2D barcodes - whether displayed on a cell phone or printed on a boarding pass, all standard 2D barcodes can be copied or pirated by fraudsters
  2. Finding ways to lower the bottom line continue to be challenging for the airline business, new solutions must be easy to implement and utilize
  3. Increased security in the US and internationally require the ability to print and authenticate boarding passes quickly for both airline customers and airport security
  4. Fraudsters, terrorists and others law-breakers are increasing their use of technology, thus the need to stay ahead of them by increasing the use of new groundbreaking solutions

Pagemark for Airlines

  1. Using Pelta™ and our patented technology, the covert 2nd layer is encrypted and is virtually unbreakable. 100% secure and ideal for ticketing solutions. For more information on the authentication refer to Authentication Documents
  2. Combine Pelta™ with a serialized watermark for a copy protected anti-fraud ticketing solution for any airlines and security providers
  3. Utilize Pagemark Track and Trace for geo-tracking and time stamping of fraudulent boarding passes. Once used, the fraudulent ticket can be tracked internationally for close to real-time reporting
  4. High return on investment Pelta™ codes do not require expensive readers or other proprietary scanners, just use a popular standard smart phone with Pelta™ mobile SW for great results



Luxury goods manufacturers face the unhappy truth that in some countries, over 50% of luxury goods sold are fake. Luckily, by incorporating a iVerifyIT™ solution, consumers can easily validate a product is genuine using their own smart phone before making a purchase.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Counterfeiting and black-marketing of luxury goods are growing annually and can reach over 50% in some emerging markets
  2. Global markets are increasing important for F1000 manufacturers and luxury brands need improved authentication methods to maintain brand control
  3. Counterfeiting, diversion and black-marketing is becoming increasing more sophisticated and technologically capable. They are able to replicate traditional printed security methods overnight in some documented cases
  4. Consumers who are seeking genuine products want easy-to-use and secure methods to validate they are indeed buying the real thing

Pagemark for Luxury Goods

  1. Pagemark offers one of the strongest anti-counterfeit solutions portfolios available globally for the packaged goods market starting from our Pelta™ codes to serialized holograms. When combined on one label or stamp, provide both the highest level of anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting available. See our Custom Solutions page for more details
  2. Pelta™ codes covert information can be used to implement serialization or track and trace which is embedded in any standard 2D QR or Datamatrix code providing Brand Owners with an unbreakable authentication solution
  3. To provide anti-copy protection Pagemark offers a broad offering of products and solutions. The offering includes holograms, watermarks, UV inks, and a variety of other security inks or combinations thereof
  4. Brand Owners that utilize Pagemark Track and Trace can implement geo-tracking of products, so if a unique product is found in numerous locations in a short span of time, the Brand Owner will be notified
  5. Brand Owners can provide their customers the ultimate peace of mind when making purchasing decisions by utilizing the Pelta™ covert layer. See our section on Customer Authentication