Pagemark provides many horizontal solutions related to authentication and track and trace. We also provide many vertical solutions developed to answer specific needs of Brand Owners and governments related to battling fraud, counterfeiting, and divergence while increasing Return On Investment(ROI).


Around the world thousands of people die each year from ingesting prescription medications that are either dangerously contaminated or ineffective in treating the illness or disease.  If nothing is done counterfeit drug sales are estimated to be over $75B by 2010.(Center for Medicine - 2008)


Track and Trace is the process of marking all units in a supply chain from a single bottle, up to contents of a pallet with an individual serial number that is created typically via a 2D barcode or RFID, for the traceability from origin through the final receipt by a consumer.

Why Pagemark?

  1. US legislature approved Track and Trace solutions include the ability to track a products history from manufacturing to the end customer. Small to large firms are required to meet US Federal pedigree guidelines by 2015, finalizing activities by Jan 2016
  2. Effective anti-counterfeiting solutions should be based on at least 2-layered authentication technologies in conjunction with effective track and trace systems in order to create multi-layered protections for the U.S. pharmaceutical supply
  3. Track and trace technology's ability to uniquely identify individual items is the most powerful single strategy for combating counterfeit drugs. Industry momentum must be built to drive widespread adoption of track and trace solutions
  4. Pelta™ enabled QR barcodes can be read by using smart phones running iVerifyIT™ or other high-speed readers anywhere in the supply chain. Even consumers with Brand Owners’ consent can validate product authenticity before making final purchasing decisions


  1. Pagemark Track and Trace can be added to existing QR codes, thus hiding proprietary information from unwanted eyes with our patented encrypted 2nd layer
  2. T&T based on Pelta™ Code implementation can be easily customized and integrated into any existing variable printing workflow solution regardless of complexity or the number of systems utilized
  3. Pelta™ server data can be utilized in the planning and management of global recall program should such actions be required
  4. QR codes can be authenticated by anyone, at any time throughout the supply chain. Each time a product is authenticated, the action is logged and stored in the Petla™ Server SW. Product history is available at any time by Brand Owners or their administrators
  5. The Pelta™ Server can provide geo-tracking data aggregation for global product tracking and provide customized alerts of suspicious or fraudulent activity
  6. Pelta™ enabled QR code barcodes which utilize smart phones do not require specialized hardware/readers anywhere in the supply chain. Even consumers with Brand Owners consent can validate product authenticity before purchasing

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