Pagemark Technologies provides over 24 types of security solutions for both public and private industries. With counterfeiting on the rise, combine our Pelta™ code solutions with serialized holography or one of our many offerings to help put counterfeiters out of business.




Luxury goods manufacturers face the unhappy truth that in some countries, over 50% of luxury goods sold are fake. Luckily, by incorporating a iVerifyIT™ solution, consumers can easily validate a product is genuine using their own smart phone before making a purchase.

Why Pagemark?

  1. Counterfeiting and black-marketing of luxury goods are growing annually and can reach over 50% in some emerging markets
  2. Global markets are increasing important for F1000 manufacturers and luxury brands need improved authentication methods to maintain brand control
  3. Counterfeiting, diversion and black-marketing is becoming increasing more sophisticated and technologically capable. They are able to replicate traditional printed security methods overnight in some documented cases
  4. Consumers who are seeking genuine products want easy-to-use and secure methods to validate they are indeed buying the real thing

Pagemark for Luxury Goods

  1. Pagemark offers one of the strongest anti-counterfeit solutions portfolios available globally for the packaged goods market starting from our Pelta™ codes to serialized holograms. When combined on one label or stamp, provide both the highest level of anti-copy and anti-counterfeiting available. See our Custom Solutions page for more details
  2. Pelta™ codes covert information can be used to implement serialization or track and trace which is embedded in any standard 2D QR or Data Matrix code providing Brand Owners with an unbreakable authentication solution
  3. To provide anti-copy protection Pagemark offers a broad offering of products and solutions. The offering includes holograms, watermarks, UV inks, and a variety of other security inks or combinations thereof
  4. Brand Owners that utilize Pagemark Track and Trace can implement geo-tracking of products, so if a unique product is found in numerous locations in a short span of time, the Brand Owner will be notified
  5. Brand Owners can provide their customers the ultimate peace of mind when making purchasing decisions by utilizing the Pelta™ covert layer. See our section on Customer Authentication