Pagemark Technologies provides over 24 types of security solutions for both public and private industries. With counterfeiting on the rise, combine our Pelta™ code solutions with serialized holography or one of our many offerings to help put counterfeiters out of business.




Globally governments are facing huge economic issues in generating revenue and increasing national debt. This is a common thread regardless of the continent or level of industrialization

  1. Consumer fraud and ID theft is growing annually. The negative by-products are destroyed credit, increasing levels of legal and administrative fees for individuals and corporations, and costly bank write-offs
  2. Vehicle pollution and their by-products are increasing levels of poor air quality, thus lowering the overall quality of life. Governments are continually seeking new ways to control vehicles and others industries that are adding to the overall pollution level
  3. Governments are seeking creative more effective means to control tax related imports and exports beyond legacy tax stamps, this is especially true for liquor and tobacco. New serialized technologies are being incorporated globally to combat diversion, black-marketing, and counterfeiting
  4. Black-market products and diversion are increasing worldwide, many countries have more black-market products sold then legitimately imported and controlled products

Pagemark for Government

  1. Pagemark and our partners provide a broad portfolio of solutions to protect citizens and their identification, control resources, secure important documents, and generate revenue for government institutions
  2. Printed security solutions include Pelta™ codes, holograms, UV/IR and an array of specialty printings solutions. See our Custom Solutions page for more details
  3. Pagemark provides RFID solutions for many countries requiring toll and parking solutions. See our RFID page for more details
  4. Pelta™ can be customized to be utilized in a variety of solutions such as facial recognition ID cards, DMV licenses and plates, tax stamps, and many other value-add security solutions
  5. Excise tax solutions from Pagemark can provide governments a method to track all products stamped via geo-location technology. In this manner, the Pelta™ server can alert government agents of possible product diversion whenever a product is scanned