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REDMOND, WA -- August 5, 2013 -- Pagemark Technology, Inc., a leading brand protection and security provider, today announced the hiring of Zach Hector, who will head up the Life Sciences efforts.

Zach is a veteran in the Healthcare and Life Science industries; and has held executive positions with a variety of companies including World Wide Life Sciences Industry Solutions Manager at Microsoft Corporation. Previous to his role at Microsoft, he was the President of Evergreen Health Management and Founder and CEO of MedManage Systems.

Counterfeit drugs generated an estimated $75 billion in revenue in 2010, according to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. To help curb the couterfeiting issue, the California e-Pedigree law states that 50% of all manufacturers’ drug packages must contain a serialized number for tracking the movement through the supply chain, with the remaining 50% of manufacturers’ products by 2016.

“Zach joins the company to lead our efforts in the Life Sciences industry and to assist in communicating how Pelta™ technology can provide counterfeiting protection beyond just meeting compliance requirements,” said RanDair Porter, President and Founder of Pagemark Technology, Inc. “The interest and demand for the Pelta™ technology has grown significantly over the last few months as the industry seeks to complement serialization efforts with authentication solutions. With our expanded resources it should allow us to quickly respond to our clients’ requirements.”

Pelta™ is Pagemark’s patent approved technology which leverages existing production capability of the Data Matrix and Quick Response (QR) 2D barcode technology. The Pelta™ 2D code provides a secondary covert layer of encrypted data which is only readable using an encryption software solution provided to the manufacturer by Pagemark. Thus manufacturers can use both the overt and covert data layers to maximize the use of the 2D code. Pelta™ is an ideal complementary solution for new or existing serialization solutions by providing authentication via the encrypted second layer.

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Pagemark Technology, Inc. is a Redmond, Washington-based leading supplier of electronic security technologies providing horizontal and vertical solutions relating to authentication, serialization, fraud protection, divergence and anti-counterfeiting measures. The company provides authentication and track and trace solutions to secure life sciences products and high-value documents. Implemented using Pelta™ 2D barcode technology layered on standard QR barcodes, the system encodes overt and covert data, creating a simple but highly effective authentication system. Pelta™ uses smart phones to authenticate documents using the phone’s camera, GPS and SMS functionality to power today’s most innovative authentication system. For more information, visit http://www.pagemarktechnology.com.


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