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Pagemark offers a wide range of multi-platform XPS rendering solutions for OEMs, and enterprises. Although our business focus is serving large scale customers, we have started offering XPS solutions for the general user. Pagemark can readily customize any of the applications below for your corporate or enterprise environments.

Pagemark XpsConvert™

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Powerful Conversion

Pagemark XpsConvert is a powerful stand-alone command-line utility for converting XPS documents into various file types. XpsConvert can be used as a batch conversion tool, or configured within a server environment. XpsConvert will convert XPS documents into PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG, CCITT Fax, and RAW file formats, while providing a wide range of options for: controlling the output resolution, color via ICC profiles, page selection, user supplied content added to the converted page such as stamps and watermarks.

High Performance, Top Quality

Pagemark XpsConvert increases productivity by providing unmatched performance with the confidence of accurately converted files.

Dynamically Generate PDF Documents

Pagemark XpsConvert can be used to dynamically generate PDF documents from simple XPS formatted XML. Create complex PDF, FAX, or other image formats from simple text streams formatted using standard XPS syntax. Example applications: forms, reports, tickets, ID cards, photo albums, and other documents.

Multi-Platform support

XpsConvert will run on Windows platforms. Linux and Mac versions will come shortly.

Download the XpsConvert manual...

Demo Now iconFull function demo will display "watermark" image on document.
Buy It now$169 for single user license.(NEW PRICING!) You will be sent a personalized unlock file with further instructions.

Email for pricing on server licensing and Linux and Machitosh versions.

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Pagemark XpsViewer™

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Pagemark Technology offers a wide range of multi-platform XPS rendering and viewing solutions.

Pagemark XpsViewer is a XPS viewer with its small size, fast launch speed, high quality, and rich feature set. Pagemark XpsViewer supports Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / Windows 7, Apple Macintosh (Mac Screen Shot #1 , Mac Screen Shot #2 ,Mac Screen Shot #3) and Linux. Fully compatible with the now standard OpenXPS specification.

Pagemark XpsViewer provides higher quality and faster speed than other solutions. See our viewer comparison

  • Fast, high quality XPS viewing
  • Export to PDF, TIF, JPEG, PNG
  • Copy Text to Clipboard
  • Keyword Search
  • Zoom
  • Hand Tool
  • Single, continuous, and 2-up page display
  • Thumbnail display
  • Multi-platform viewer support: Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.
Demo Now icon MAC version. Full function demo (displays first 3 pages).
Buy It now $19.99 for single user Mac license. You will be sent a personalized unlock file with further instructions.

Pagemark XpsPlugin™

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Pagemark's XPS viewer plug-in allows FireFox™ and Safari™ users to easily view XPS content that exists on internal and external networks. Previously XPS content could only be displayed if using Microsoft’s Internet Explore under Windows Vista or .NET 3 platforms. Now more than ever, users demand wider browser support for various file types and formats including XPS and its inherent benefits.

Firefox is an open-source web browser based on the Mozilla code foundation and supports Windows, Linux and MacOS X operating systems. The user interface is straightforward and uncomplicated while at the same time very fast and is easy to use and navigate. The Pagemark XPS Plug-in supports copying text and images to the clipboard allowing users to copy content into other applications and the ability to save XPS documents to other formats.

Demo Now iconDemo for Firefox and Safari

Product for purchase coming soon!